• Your Zosato of caught morning

    • Cutlass fish Zosato

      1944 yen (tax included)

      Minoshima sent directly from the fishing port, is a sign of cuisine Gintaira.

    • Natural raw tuna Zosato

      2700 yen (including tax) -

      Katsuura, Oma, will purchase the season, such as Shiogama.

    • Natural red sea bream Zosato

      2700 yen (tax included)

      Needless to say it is a natural sea bream of the Kii Channel.

    • Black abalone Zosato

      ¥ 5400 (tax included)

      Alive and is the abalone of the state as it is.

    • Gozosato Assorted

      Gozosato Assorted

      ¥ 5400 (tax included)

      Please two people position.Six types of Assorted.

  • Shiodome grilled with boiled fish commitment salt of only water and soy sauce

    • Hairtail boiled Shiodome grilled

      2700 yen (tax included)

      You ride in the menu on the day of riding fat.

    • Red snapper boiled Shiodome grilled

      2700 yen (tax included)

      It is very delicious fish grilled be boiled.

    • Isagi boiled Shiodome grilled

      2700 yen (tax included)

      The rainy season is the season of straw Isagi.

    • Spanish mackerel boiled Shiodome grilled

      2700 yen (tax included)

      It is easy to eat delicious fish.

    • Uose boiled Shiodome grilled

      ¥ 2160 (tax included)

      It is delicious fish of the body that was Hokutto.

    • Kinki boiled Shiodome grilled

      ¥ 4320 (tax included)

      Needless to say luxury fish.

    • Natural snapper helmet boiled Shiodome grilled

      3240 yen (including tax) -

      Hokkaido University Thank small variety.Until the day staff.

  • BokuYosho with homemade walnut miso

    • France duck

      3240 yen (tax included)

      No habit Kyokamo, goes well with miso

    • Kagoshima direct Satsuma chicken

      2700 yen (tax included)

      Crunchy is the chicken of crunchy.It is delicious bird in rare.

    • Kumano beef sirloin

      Kumano beef sirloin

      ¥ 5400 (tax included)

      It is the king of BokuYosho.It is very soft meat.

  • Grilled Bake in charcoal stove

    • Squid footwear charcoal

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      We will roasted the day stock of squid footwear.

    • Salmon Halas smoked

      1944 yen (tax included)

      We smoked salmon Halas riding of fat in our shop.

  • Tempura of fried

    • Iwakuni lotus root heaven

      Iwakuni lotus root heaven

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      It is a direct marketing than Iwakuni of farmers.

    • Squid footwear tempura

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      Use the footwear of squid in stock that day.

    • Tempura Assorted

      Tempura Assorted

      2700 yen (tax included)

      It is a variety platter.Please two people position.

  • Many of the homemade dish cuisine

    • Unwinding egg

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      I am using a commitment eggs.

    • Shrimp bread

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      I lift across the surimi of shrimp in the pan.Sennan is a local specialty.

    • Salad of Toboku and mizuna

      ¥ 2160 (tax included)

      Quickly roasted was Toboku and direct marketing vegetable salad.Please with special dressing

    • Kishu whitebait salad

      1944 yen (tax included)
  • Good vegetable dish of farm-fresh

    • Crab of lotus root bun sauce

      1620 yen (tax included)

      I finished Motchiri in Iwakuni lotus root.

    • Chicken miso Dengaku of eggplant and wheat gluten

      1944 yen (tax included)
  • Proud of buckwheat specialty sea bream rice your meal

    • Homemade buckwheat wholesale buckwheat

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      It is topped buckwheat of grated radish and heaven dregs.

    • Akita Yuzawa direct Inaniwa Udon

      ¥ 1296 (tax included)

      It is chilled forced udon of ultra-fine.

    • Silver flat specialty sea bream rice in the Kii Channel production natural red sea bream

      Silver flat specialty sea bream rice in the Kii Channel production natural red sea bream

      1944 yen (tax included)

      Bring carefully cooked by using a pot of Akaraku per set like.2 people ~.